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What to Bring

The following are a few basic suggestions for items you will be glad you packed for your vacation in Botswana.

In summer, lightweight, light-coloured cottons are preferable. Avoid synthetic materials and black clothing, as they increase perspiration and discomfort. Dress is casual in Botswana. Shorts and trousers are permissible for women. Most hotels have swimming pools, so do bring a bathing suit. Bring a lightweight jacket and/or pullover for unexpected temperature changes.

In winter, bring a pair of trousers, long-sleeved shirts or blouses and pullovers. Make sure you have a very warm jacket for early mornings and evenings, - it does get surprisingly cold at night but warms up during the day.

Comfortable walking shoes are a must; supplement with sandals and plastic flip-flops.

Special attention should be given to protecting yourself from the sun, particularly in the summer when the sun can be scorching. Bring sunhat, sunscreen, sun lotion and sunglasses.

Binoculars, torch (with plenty of spare batteries and bulbs), matches, penknife, water bottle, insect repellent (spray and coils), lip salve, water purification tablets, sewing kit, safety-pins, tweezers, cello tape and masking tape are all very useful. A basic first-aid kit is a must, as in many instances you will be traveling to areas far from health facilities. Camera film is available at most shops and petrol stations. Cosmetics, medications, cigarettes and imported liquors are all available in the major towns.


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