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It’s official… Botswana’s Okavango Delta is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site!
Experience the magic of this pristine ecosystem and the world’s largest inland delta, teeming with wildlife year round. Book one of these featured travel packages below, and you could be enjoying the magnificent Okavango Delta on your next vacation!
Travel Specials:
Botswana Travel Offers The Wild Source – Biologist’s Botswana
Starting from $6,100 per person sharing.
Guided by Lion Researcher, Bill given, this 9-day safari explores the thrilling Okavango Delta, where wildlife sightings are astounding, camps are magical and service is supreme.
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Botswana Travel Offers Natural Habitat Adventures – Green Season Botswana Safari
Starting from $7,011 per person sharing.
This 12-day safari during Botswana’s Green Season reveals a vibrant profusion of wildlife that few visitors are fortunate enough to discover.

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Botswana Travel Offers Great Safaris – The Great Wing Safari
Starting from $4,295 per person sharing.
Explore three distinct Botswana camps that are unique in design and personality with this 10-day adventure. For a limited time only, receive a $100 air voucher per passenger for travel up until December 5, 2014.
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Botswana Travel Offers Alluring Africa – Botswana’s Wild, Wonderful and Diverse Safari
Starting from $4,932 per person sharing.
This 9-day program guides you through Botswana’s wild, wonderful and diverse safari experiences – from the Okavango Delta and Moremi Game Reserve to the Savuti and Chobe National Parks.
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Doing Good in Botswana: Relocating Rhino to Botswana – Initiatives Underway

Botswana Tourism Organization Consumer eNewsletter

Last year, over 1,000 rhino were killed in South Africa; and the rate of poaching now exceeds the ability of rhino to replenish the species’ numbers. Concerned citizens, companies, and the governments of Botswana and South Africa are stepping up efforts to secure the survival of the species. 

This month we highlight two current rhino translocation initiatives: a partnership between Great Plains Conservation and &Beyond; and Wilderness Safaris’ partnership with the Botswana Department of Wildlife and National Parks.

Great Plains Conservation and &Beyond have joined forces to relocate 100 rhino in 2015 from South Africa into Botswana, a country known for its aggressive anti-poaching policies and practices, where the rhino will have a better chance of survival. Their fundraising campaigns, Zeros for Rhinos, and Rhinos Without Borders, are now underway to secure the funding needed to ensure this translocation initiative is a success.

Wilderness Safaris is also engaged in translocating endangered black rhino to Botswana. The company is delighted to announce the successful capture of a small founder population of critically endangered black rhino in a joint collaboration with the Botswana government. The rhino are destined for a safe haven in Botswana. This follows the successful capture and release of a group of black rhino in May and is part of an ongoing conservation project to establish a core population in Botswana of this threatened species.

To learn more about these initiatives, or how you can help by donating to the cause, follow the links below:

Zeros for Rhinos:
Rhinos Without Borders:
Wilderness Wildlife Trust: 

Tsamaya Sentle ("go well" in Setswana),
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