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Now that we have waved goodbye to 2011 and embraced 2012 with open arms, it's time to start planning an exciting adventure. What more perfect destination than Botswana! In this issue we offer up some of the latest travel offers that will get you started, share lodging and ground operator updates and highlight some notable 2011 safari stories. Read on...

In this Issue:

Latest Travel Offers

What's New: Lodging and Ground Operator Updates

In the Wild: Seasonal Sightings of Botswana Wildlife

Making a Difference: Children in the Wilderness in Botswana - Limpopo Valley

Equitrekking - Riding on the Moon

Botswana Tourism Organization Launches Digital Destination Brochures

Latest Travel Offers

Discover the Okavango with Moremi Safaris and Tours

Pure Okavango ... Pure 5 Rivers Safari ... Pure Value. Moremi Safaris and Tours is offering an affordable vacation opportunity to discover the Okavango Delta, with two nights at Xakanaxa Camp and two nights at Kwara Camp. Inclusive of return charter flights from Maun International Airport and a FREE, exciting two-hour boat transfer between the properties.

Xakanaxa Camp
Situated in the Moremi Game Reserve, Xakanaxa is one of the few camps in the Okavango Delta where you will be able to experience the best of both worlds as the camp offers water and land activities all year round.

Kwara Camp
Situated in the heart of a large concession offering year-round game drives, night drives, boating and mokoro activities, game walks, and fishing.

$1446.00 per person sharing between January 5 - March 31, 2012.

Valid until March 31, 2012, minimum of 2 nights at each lodge. Single traveler supplement $125 USD.

Now your budget won’t hinder you from discovering the beauty and thrill of the Okavango with Moremi Safaris and Tours!


For more information, please visit or email

Two New Exciting Offers From &Beyond

  • 10-Day Elephant Trunks and Desert Trails from &Beyond
  • 15-Day Scenic Salt Pans Delta Delights and Lakeside Luxury Adventure

10-Day Elephant Trunks and Desert Trails from &Beyond
This special itinerary allows you to see the wilds of Africa through the eyes of an elephant during a leisurely walk with a trio of semi-habituated elephants foraging for food throughout their home range. The incredible elephant interaction includes a picnic lunch in the company of these giants of the bush.

The package includes 2 nights at Sanctuary Stanley’s Camp, 2 nights at Nxabega Okavango Tented Camp or Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge, 3 nights at Camp Kalahari, 1 night at Xau Xai and 1 night at Flying Camp.


Rates range from $7779 to $9766 per person. For more information on this exciting travel offer click here

15-Day Scenic Salt Pans Delta Delights and Lakeside Luxury Adventure
With this exciting package you will have the opportunity to explore the jewels of Botswana with a 15-day adventure through the Makgadikgadi Pans, the Okavango Delta and Lake Malawi. This adventure begins with the exploration of the largest salt pans in the world, the Makgadikgadi Pans, works its way to the world’s largest inland delta, the Okavango, and ends by venturing off into Malawi. 
This packages includes 3 nights at Camp Kalahari, 2 nights beneath the stars in a fly camp on Kubu Island, 2 nights at Duba Plains Camp, 2 nights at Xudum Okavango Delta Lodge, and 4 nights at Pumulani (optional extension).


Rates range from $13581 to $15773 per person sharing. For more information on this travel offer click here.

In the Wild: Seasonal Sightings of Botswana Wildlife

Secrets of the Makgadikgadi
The green season with its seasonal rains is upon us and Uncharted Africa Safari co. would like to share one of the greatest Makgadikgadi secrets.

In Botswana rain is the “currency of life” and it is incredible to see how, as soon as the rain arrives, the desert transforms into a green oasis. Within days of the first rain, thousands of zebra and wildebeest make their way across Makgadikgadi National Park and through the heart of Jack’s Camp. As the National Geographic “Great Migrations” series has depicted, some of the zebra come from as far as the southern parts of the Delta, emphasizing just how incredibly important the Makgadikgadi area is to these animals. This is the second longest migration of the African ungulates, with an estimated 35,000 to 75,000 animals, the majority being zebra, participating each year. Close behind the zebra and wildebeest are the predators and it is during the rainy season that you frequently encounter lion, cheetah, and even leopard and wild dog. The open savannah surrounding Jack’s Camp host thousands of grazing zebras and wildebeest. Uncharted Africa’s guests enjoy this great spectacle from their private verandah or while relaxing at the pool pavilion. It is truly real adventure in unreal style.


For more information on Uncharted Africa Safari co. visit

Kwando Safaris Sighting Report
With the green season in full swing, wildlife sightings have been plentiful in Botswana. It is during this time of year that large herds of zebras, kudus, and buffalo are out and about with their young following close behind. Click here to view Kwando Safaris' recent sighting report and to read how seven lions managed to bring down a giraffe…talk about team work!


Riding on the Moon with Equitrekking

Covering over 7,000 sq. miles and visible from space, the salt pans of the Makgadikgadi are glittering remnants of an ancient inland lake. Zebra migrate there during the rainy season and millions of flamingoes flock there to breed. You do not simply "see" the Makgadikgadi, you experience it.

From racing quad bikes over barren pans to getting up close and personal with habituated meerkats, to dining out under an endless blanket of stars, the Makgadikgadi is truly an amazing place to visit.

And now there is a thrilling new way to experience the Makgadikgadi: on horseback! Guided horseback safaris are now offered for experienced equestrians in the Makgadikgadi pans through Ride Botswana with David Foot Safaris. David has been leading horse safaris in Africa for over 17 years.

Darley Newman, producer and host of Equitrekking TV, recently rode the pans while filming an upcoming television episode for PBS. Click here to read about Darley’s experience in the pans and to see the beautiful photos she captured along the way.
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What's New: Lodging and Ground Operator Updates

Wilderness Safaris Announces Concession Updates
Wilderness Safaris has been busy updating several of their camps recently. These updates include:

DumaTau Camp is to be rebuilt on a new site that overlooks Osprey Lagoon. The classic camp, scheduled to reopen in March 2012, will have 10 rooms and offer breathtaking new views.

Xigera Camp has received a facelift! These updates include re-canvassed tents and new doors for the en-suite washrooms. The main area has also undergone a redesign to enhance guest enjoyment: the bar now looks out onto the channel; the new, lower foot bridge avoids disturbing the view from the camp; and the new star deck is perfect for star gazing and discussion, as well as the perfect setting for private dinners. The novel sand-pit, where animals tantalizingly leave their tracks, is still there to educate and entertain! The most exciting change, however, is that the latest in-solar technology has been installed and now powers the camp.
Meanwhile in Linyanti, with the rebirth of the Savuti Channel and greater inflows into the Linyanti River itself, the waterways of the Linyanti concession area are now available to explore in new and exciting ways. Unique combinations of activities like canoeing, walking, and boating, depending on the time of year and water levels, have been created and run with great success.

Kalahari Plains Camp in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve (CKGR) offers some of the best summer (November-March) wildlife viewing opportunities in Africa. With the advent of the summer rains, the desert truly comes to life; short grasses sprout in the pan systems and fossil riverbeds attract a plethora of plains game. The summer and green season are the ideal time to visit the CKGR!

For more information, contact your travel advisor or go to or email

Fall in Love Again with Uncharted Africa’s San Camp
Deemed one of the most romantic camps in Africa, Uncharted Africa opened the many curtains of the new San Camp to its first guests on July 27, 2011 in the Makgadikgadi Pans. With one of the most spectacular and extraordinary locations in the world, the classic white tents stand majestically perched on the shore of an enormous sparkling salt pan "sea." Each tent is sheltered by a cluster of stately desert palms, offering a serene escape from reality.

Imbued with such dreamy tranquility and an overwhelming sense of space and freedom, it was inevitable that a respect for the environment and a sense of romance would transform both the design and building principles of this unique and very special camp. San Camp’s energy requirement is supplied almost entirely by solar energy, thus dramatically reducing the use of fossil fuels. As an added advantage, the absence of generators ensures that the silence of the vast and empty surroundings is complete! 

San Camp is a seasonal camp and is closed for the green season. It will reopen April 16, 2012. But don’t wait to book – the camp was sold out in its inaugural season.

Ask your travel advisor for more details, or visit or email


Making a Difference: Children in the Wilderness in Botswana - Limpopo Valley

Botswana continues to be keen on instilling the importance of conservation in their children. Children in the Wilderness, which began operating in 2001 as an environmental and life skills educational program, continues to help bridge the divide that exists between communities and wildlife. This program not only teaches children the importance of conservation, but strives to inspire in them a passion for the environment so that they can one day become the custodians of these wilderness areas.

2011 was another busy year for the program. Held earlier this year at Limpopo Camp, Children in the Wilderness put their focus on the next generation of rural decision makers. Coming from the nearby Lentswe le Moriti School, situated in the village within the boundaries of the Northern Tuli Reserve, 16 children were exposed to their wildlife heritage, built and strengthened their capabilities to cope with life’s challenges, and educated on the life skills necessary to actualize their greatest potential. Out of these 16 children, nine had been on a previous camp and therefore this camp was treated as more of a “follow-up camp" with a higher level of learning.

Highlights of the camp were the game drives, which included some very exciting sightings. The children witnessed a cheetah and her cub preying on a young kudu. Lion, elephant, jackal, hyena and an abundance of plains game were also spotted. Ending on a very positive note, the outcome was a win-win for all. The children were inspired to strive to achieve their utmost potential. The program certainly inspired many little ambassadors in the peripheral villages!

A number of successful projects and results have come about from the Children in the Wilderness Limpopo program: Community clubs have been initiated in the schools, a wonderful vegetable garden has been started in the Lentswe le Moriti community and the building of a school playground for the children at the Motlhabaneng Village Primary School is also in the pipeline. Interested in knowing more about Children in the Wilderness, and how you can help their efforts?  Visit

Making a Difference

Botswana Tourism Organization Launches Digital Destination Brochures

Botswana Tourism Organization is pleased to announce the unveiling of its popular Travel Companion destination guides in digital format, now available for viewing and downloading at, or on disc. The set of four Travel Companion brochures, for the Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Central/Kgaligadi regions, is the definitive traveler’s guide to Botswana!

Please feel free to view/download our new digital brochures and share with friends. To request discs, please contact


Making a Difference

Tsamaya Sentle ("go well" in Setswana),
Botswana Tourism - USA officebotswana

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