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Botswana Travel Planner

Botswana Travel Planner

This 7” x 10”, 4-color travel planner is a comprehensive tourist guide to Botswana.

Completely advertisement-free, this guide can be used by travel professionals for reference, or as handouts to prospective clients.

How Packaged: individual quantities, 25 per shrink-wrapped bundle; 175 brochures per box

Discover Botswana Magazine

Botswana Map

Get a lay of the land with this Botswana tourism map. An in-depth map on one side, with the other side dedicated to useful travel information.

Completely advertisement-free, this tourist map can be used by travel professionals for reference, or as handouts to prospective clients.

How Packaged: individual quantities; 200 maps per box

Botswana Travel Companion Brochures Botswana Travel Companion Brochures
Limited quantities, will not be reprinted

These 4-color brochures are available in the following regions, while they last: Northern, Eastern and Kgalagadi/Central. Each Travel Companion is full of useful travel information, detailed regional destination descriptions and stunning imagery. Brochures are available in print and CD.

Completely advertisement-free, Travel Companions make excellent travel professional reference materials.

How Packaged: Print - 25 per region, per shrink-wrapped bundle; 75 region Companions per box

CD: All four travel companions on one CD; can provide up to five per shipment

To download electronic files, click here

Discover Botswana Magazine Discover Botswana 2014 Magazine
Limited quantities

This 14th edition of Discover Botswana is available in print and on CD. Stunning imagery and delightful stories about Botswana’s culture, traditions and prime tourism regions are contained in the pages of this high-quality magazine.

How Packaged: Each comes individually; can provide up to five per shipment







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