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Welcome to Botswana

We welcome you to discover Botswana. A landlocked country about the size of Texas, we are located in the heart of southern Africa, sharing our borders with South Africa, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Stable and prosperous, with a population of just 2 million people, Botswana has blossomed since independence from Britain in 1966. We are Africa's longest continuous democracy and one of the world's biggest diamond producers. Today, our country enjoys a high standard of economic stability, education and health care; making Botswana truly one of Africa's lasting success stories... and a great place to visit!


Botswana is one of the last remaining wild places on earth, home to an incredible array of wildlife and birdlife. This is an unspoiled land of romance and timeless beauty – wide-open spaces; cloudless skies; striking salt pans; diamond-rich desert; fertile flood plains; vast grasslands; and pristine wilderness.

With 38 percent of the land devoted to national parks, game reserves and wildlife management areas – for the most part unfenced, allowing animals to roam wild and free – travel through many parts of our country has the feel of moving through an immense natural wonderland.

Proudly recognized as a leading sustainable tourism destination, our approach to low-impact tourism enables conservation of Botswana’s natural resources and abundant wildlife, protects our cultural heritage, and benefits our local communities. Travelers to Botswana benefit too – experiencing all Botswana has to offer without the crowds.

Nature and wildlife is the major initial draw for many visitors, but don’t forget to make time to get to know the welcoming people of Botswana, visit our towns and villages and experience first-hand our rich cultural heritage.

A Botswana safari is not just a “trip of a lifetime”; once you visit you’ll want to return again and again. Whether you are traveling solo, as a couple, or with family or friends, Botswana is the ideal choice for an authentic African safari adventure… in personalized style.

Enjoy your journey!

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