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Botswana Tourism Organization

Botswana Tourism Organization (BTO) was established by an Act of Parliament in 2004, with a mandate to: market and promote Botswana as a Premier Tourism Destination of Choice, to Grade and Classify Accommodation Facilities, and promote Investment in the Tourism Sector.

EcoTourism Policy

Botswana is committed to responsible tourism. Botswana government’s conservation and wildlife management policies, along with BTO’s eco-tourism strategies ensure that Botswana’s tourism is sustainable for its inhabitants and future generations of tourists, while contributing meaningfully to the national economy. In keeping with sustainable tourism development and growth, Botswana Tourism has published it’s Ecotourism manual that serves to ensure development and growth has a minimal impact on the environment. Click here to read more and to access the Ecotourism Manual.


To assure quality standards for tourism establishments consistent with consumer expectations and industry ratings standards, Botswana Tourism Board is charged with establishing and maintaining a grading process for tourism establishments, beginning with fixed accommodations. At the end of 2008, nearly 300 properties have been graded on a 1 to 5 star basis (5 being highest). Graded facilities display in their premises BTO’s plaque and the star rating as awarded. They are also expected to display the certificate issued to them by the Board inside their establishments. For information on BTO’s grading standards and process, click here.

Office Locations

BTO maintains headquarter offices in Gaborone, with satellite offices in several locations throughout the country.


Headquarters Location
Botswana Tourism Organization
Plot 50676
Fairgrounds Office Park
Block B, Ground Floor
Tel: 3913111, Fax: 3959220

U.S. Location
Partner Concepts LLC
127 Lubrano Drive, Suite 203
Annapolis, MD 21401
Toll-free Telephone: +1-888-675-7660 (USA and Canada only)
Direct Line: +1-410-266-8429 (from locations outside USA and Canada)
Primary Contact: Leslee Hall


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